Friday, January 01, 2010

Meet the Flecks

Greetings from Phoenix! We made it here alive and in good spirits. I'm confused about that bright thing in the sky that warms cold places (like skin) but hey, I'm from Oregon, I'm hearty and I'll survive it. Liam traveled like a champion. I think we got lucky. He slept during take off and landing but stayed awake for the rest of the flight making a record 3 poopy diapers in 2 hours. The airplane bathroom is a cramped place when you have a screaming baby and a skinky diaper.

Liam meets his Fleck family.

More cousins than Liam can even look at!

How many Flecks can you get on one couch?

Family puzzle time on New Year's Day

Liam's first bath in the sink!

I'll post more photos tomorrow. I'm blogging while playing cards so I better go before Bill thinks he can beat me!

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