Thursday, January 21, 2010

I don't even know where to start

You know how I've blogged about how Liam isn't sleeping consistently and that I was tired from it? That my friends, was nothing. Since we returned from Arizona, Liam has gone on a steady decline when it comes to sleepy time to the point where he is now waking up every 1-1.5 hours at night. Today he napped for a half hour before melting down and then for 15 minutes before I put him in bed with me so he could get some sleep. We haven't figured out if there is a problem or if we are completely screwing something up.

Earlier this week he was waking up with a really dry nose so I got a humidifier for his room. Now his nose is full of boogies so he may have allergies or a small cold. I called the pediatrician and the physician's assistant advised me over the phone to let Liam cry it out at night. The only one crying it out is me, on my blog. We'll let him fuss if that's all it is but I won't let him scream in his room by himself. Yet.
Yesterday was really bad because I ended up working out twice, which I said I didn't have it together enough to do but somehow I did, but the result was bad. I had no sleep to recover from the exercise so all day today I was in a fog. I'm actually afraid to go to sleep tonight since we have no idea what it will bring.
This weekend Liam will be the focus of my energy and efforts. I'm not going to be distracted by 100 projects, I'm going to see if I can get this kid on a schedule and asleep. Wish us luck, my brain is really starting to suffer from the sleep deprivation.


Trish said...

:( sorry to hear about liam's lack of sleeping through the night!!! and nap time woes!!! :( if you don't want to let him cry it out there are other methods, but they are not quick.

our daughter is only 2.5 months, but has very similar sleep problems. we are starting on the No-cry method ("No-cry sleep solution" and "No-cry Nap solution" by Eliazabeth Pantley) because i can't stomach the cry-it-out. makes me cry!! the No-cry method takes longer (month on average), but we're hoping it works...good luck and lots of hugs to you and liam!!!

The Mamas said...

Erika - Ugh...sleep pblms are so difficult and frustrating. With both my first and second I've used/been using a cry-it-out alternative in which I go in periodically to soothe. For Walker that's been about every minute and if he's not calm by 30 min I give up and try again the next sleep sesh (e.g. he falls asleep easily if I rock or hold him but generally won't stay asleep if I move him). The soothing means that I don't pick him up but soothe him in the crib. I rub his head, shoosh him, and/or gently shake the crib. It's taken a couple days (or maybe longer? can't remember due to lack of sleep) but he now is basically putting himself to sleep, although I usually go in on average 3 times/sleep sesh. It also helps if I make sure that it's been 2 hours or less since he was last awake. My overtired baby is very difficult to get calm and asleep and I generally have to resort to the old methods.

You'll find something that works for you. It might not be this weekend, but it will happen. Keep trying whatever makes you comfortable. I think the most imp. thing is just to be consistent with whatever you choose. He needs to know what's going to happen next.

Best of luck!