Monday, January 04, 2010

Erika vs. Bob

I had a battle royale today! First the baby wanted to wake up at 5:30 am and not go back to sleep. He did snooze in bed with me for a while and finally went back to sleep at 8am, just the time I was about to get up for the day. Life 1 Erika 0.

Bill and his parents left for Tucson for the day so I was alone with the baby with the plan to do some video editing while he slept and get a nice long walk in the sun in. Baby decided that he wanted to eat a lot today and take little naps so there was no time for video editing. Life 2 Erika 0. But I managed to get our stuff together in between fussing sessions for a walk. I loaded baby in the stroller only to realize that two of the tires were flat. Life 3 Erika 0.

We brought the Bob running stroller so I could exercise in the sun and the tubes in the tires were apparently damaged on the airplane. Luckily Bill's parents had a tire pump so Bill was able to pump the tires up for our daily walks. Only Bill was gone, the baby was screaming in his car seat, and I could not get the pump to work. I decided to temporarily bail on the walk and get baby down for another short nap. Life 4 Erika 0.

By now I'm getting irritated. It's sunny and 70 degrees outside and I'm stuck in the house with a fussy baby. While Liam slept I tried the tires again but the stem kept collapsing into the flat tire. I had to push the tire aside and hold the stem down while pumping but it finally worked. The tires were pumped! Life 4 Erika 1.

After baby woke up we hit the road and I finally got to feel the sun on my skin. About 20 minutes in I look down and see one of the tires is flat again. I had to cut the walk short but at least I got outside. Life 5 Erika 1.

I managed to work up a sweat and really wanted a shower but baby wasn't too interested in what I wanted. I put his car seat in the bathroom and hustled into the shower where I got to spend a quick 5 minutes washing up. I managed to get some clean clothes on in preparation for going over to the inlaws for dinner and a brush through my hair before baby started howling again. Life 5 Erika 2.

I got another bottle into the baby and just as he was about to fall asleep I lifted him up to put him down to sleep and he puked all over my clean pants. Life 6 Erika 2.

When Liam is fussy like today, he won't breastfeed. He will only take a bottle. When babies cry, mommy's breasts want to let down milk. So in between crying and sleeping sessions I had to pump milk. I'm done tallying, obviously life was kicking my butt today. But you know what, it doesn't matter because baby cheered up by the end of the day and smiled at me. That's all that matters anymore.

If you can, smile at your mom. Let her know you are happy she is your mom. She has gone through more than you can imagine and all she really wants in return is for you to be happy.

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