Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Your wildest dreams will come true

Who says babies don't come with instructions? Well friends, Liam has entered a new stage. We saw our first laughs out of him, which is so adorable you make an ass out of yourself to see if you can get him to laugh again. And then I accidentally scared him today, I had a shark finger puppet we were playing with and I made a scary noise while "biting" his nose and he stuck his lower lip out, gave me the saddest look in the history of the world and started sobbing. Oops! With all this cute comes another new thing: almost total lack of sleep. Last night I slept .5, 1.5, and then 2 hours by the time it was 5am. Ouch.

But we survived another day, Liam took a solid 3.5 hour nap this evening and he's currently upstairs giving Bill hell while he tries to get him to bed. I did manage to get out for a swim this evening while the baby was napping. My goal: swim 1650 yards (1 mile) total and get several 100s under 1:45. I swam 200 ez, 2 x 100, and 2 x 50 repeat 3 times. I pushed the hundreds and managed to swim 1:42 for them. It felt ridiculous. I feel like I'm not going anywhere when I swim. It's like a bad dream but I have to keep at it, look! I already made progress from my last swim. Soon I will be swimming 1:30 for 100. Soon like mid-next year but it will happen eventually. Just like the baby will sleep eventually.

p.s. have I ever mentioned my recurring swimming nightmare? The water turns to a jello like substance and I can't break through the upper skin with my hand yet somehow I keep moving forward. Weird but not far from how I actually feel now in the water.

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