Tuesday, December 08, 2009

We're in this together

The baby didn't sleep all day yesterday. Typically he takes two 2-3 hour naps during the day. Yesterday, there was only short snoozes followed by crying. He finally fell asleep at 7pm last night, right at his normal bath time. This was about as much as I could handle so there was no exercise, cleaning, or other projects for mommy yesterday.

Cassie thinks the "Boppy" pillow, which is used for nursing, is actually a cat pillow, used for bum warming. What's hilarious about the whole not sleeping thing is you get at your wits end, then you look at your child and think "how precious and wonderful" he is, I will actually start tearing up about my beautiful baby boy is. It is quite the roller coaster.

If I get any time today, we are clearing out clutter in the house and donating a bunch of stuff to a local agency that helps homeless people. It feels really good to know that stuff that we aren't using will go to people who really need it. Becoming a mom has certainly tenderized my heart, I can barely think about a child being without a home, especially during this cold snap and with Christmas approaching. Oh boy, another reason to cry!

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UG said...

I love reading your updates. I also love the pic of the critters together. So cute.