Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We must look bad today

The camera battery is dead so today you get goofy old photos of Bill and I. We're drunk in this photo.

We took Liam to the pediatrician today for his 2 month appointment and the Doc took one look at us then asked how breastfeeding was going. He advised us to bottle feed at night so we could get more sleep unless I want to take a drug to increase my milk supply. I don't want to take the drug because it causes depression in 50% of the people and has other messed up side effects. I'm thinking new mom + depression is not a good idea.

Twins! Bill will not be happy to see this oldie on the blog.

Doc advised us to hit that baby with 4 or more ounces of formula each time and increase it until he sleeps more. Sweet! This is great news for me because up until now everyone has advised that you HAVE TO BREASTFEED. I have a proper rant about that topic but I don't have time tonight to pull together all the goofy messed up resources I want to site in my rant. I read some messed up nonsense about breastfeeding, there are some serious psychos out there about that topic.

Who is the bigger spaz here? Bill in his "Beach Bum" tank top or me in my shiny red top?

Anyhoooo! Liam survived his immunizations (another topic for people to get crazy about) and slept all afternoon afterward. He had to have 3 shots and some icky tasting medicine. Poor baby boy! After I got him down for his 2nd nap I snuck off to the pool and did a quick swim. I swam a 500 in 8:41 which is slow but you know what, I think I'm mentally tougher than I was pre-baby. I had no problem swimming it mentally and I always used to struggle through for some reason. So three cheers for mental toughness! I think being pregnant broke my spirit (I HATED being pregnant) and I'm a new person.

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