Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Vitamin D

Liam playing with one of his Christmas presents. He likes to suck on the wings.

Tomorrow we head out for Phoenix for Liam's first trip and his first airplane ride. I can't wait to get some vitamin D. I am nervous about taking the Liam show on the road, we always have our house to retreat to if he starts crying when we are out. We won't have his crib or a separate room initially so bye bye sleep! It will either be a long week or a lot of fun. Wish us luck!

We can't wait to see Bill's family and get caught up with everyone and of course introduce little Liam who is now getting interested in toys. I've been absent from blogging because I got a new laptop which has been fun to setup. I am really hoping to find time to compile the videos we have taken of Liam and put on a show. Time, sweet time, where have you gone?

We'll blog from Arizona, hopefully some photos of Liam in his Hawaiian print shirt and khaki shorts hanging out by the hot tub. Happy new year!

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D said...

WINGS! Maybe that's what you should be eating in the middle of the night :) (and you should be eating if you're hungry!!!!)