Thursday, December 24, 2009

Twas the night before Christmas

It's Christmas Eve and we are feeling special today. This little baby, such a blessing. We tried for over two years to get pregnant. Many tears, doubt, worry, fear, every emotion on the roller coaster to get to this: a beautiful, special baby boy.

This morning I was singing "Twas the night before Christmas" to Liam and he was cooing and ooing, singing along with mommy. Every day he is more precious.

Yesterday my mom told me that her dad, who is suffering from several serious illnesses, talks about this blue eyed baby all the time. I saw grandpa last when I was just over 7 months pregnant. I wasn't sure if he would ever meet baby but he is doing better and I think Liam will see him by March. What a joy this little life brings.

Bill has a wonderful Aunt Ruth who is in her 80s and lives by herself in New York. She is an amazing woman, a pianist who travels the world by herself and goes for long walks daily. She wants to walk with us by the Hudson River someday and sent us a note recently that Liam's eyes reminded her of her husband's eyes.

William Kerr Fleck Jr. you are a special baby and we are so grateful for you. Mommy and daddy will do their best to raise you right and give you all the love you that you give to everyone around you.

Happy holidays to you readers and to your family!

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