Tuesday, December 01, 2009

No running

I asked Bill to dress Liam this morning and he showed up with sneakers on. Bill said he needs to start walking soon so he had to get his shoes on. Liam drooled in response.

My friend Kaisa has literally written a book on how to fix your body after you have a baby and she has advised me to stop running. It's bad for the pelvic floor this soon after baby. I am following her exercise program that includes deep core work (not situps and crunches) so I'm hopeful that this spare tire attached to my belly will disappear eventually. As soon as her book is available online, I will let you know about it. She is one of the few exercise instructors I've had that I actually believe in. She taught spinning and core at OSU while she was getting her master's degree in Exercise Science and she is just the type of person that you do what she says. She's that smart.

I do have the ok to walk, swim and bike so that I will continue except my butt! Whoo! Just 8 miles on a bike last Saturday and my bum is still tender. I'm no Lance Armstrong, that is for sure. Next time I will use Liam's Butt Paste before biking.

My former boss offered to babysit for me tomorrow during lunch so I can go swimming. Liam and I can't wait!

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