Friday, December 11, 2009

No good women

Bill and super baby! We took the baby to the pool today for a swim meet and then the end of year luncheon. It was quite a good time for the baby except by 3pm baby had not had a nap yet. Oops! Bad scene by that time. I'm pretty sure the parenting books wouldn't advise your keep your 8 week up all day socializing.

It started freezing raining this afternoon so we might be home for the next day or two. I put the dog out back to go to the bathroom and when I tried to let him back in he wouldn't walk on the steps. I think he face planted on the way out and I missed it!

I took the baby by my regular coffee spot at work and my ladies there were very excited to meet Liam. One lady said, "This baby is going to be a handsome man. You are going to have to keep the no good women away from him." I hadn't thought about that yet, another thing to worry about for the future ;)

And finally, something new happened today! I took baby's diaper off and he wasn't done going (oops) and poo went shooting out all over me and onto the floor. I will leave you with that thought.


wonderwoman said...

I wish I hadn't read that last paragraph while eating my lunch ;)

You have at least until preschool to worry about the no good girls.

D said...

Dude. Wow.
Another vote for pets: they shit, but they never shit ON me.

cherelli said...

ah, what lovely imagery....thanks :)