Monday, December 14, 2009

Beastly behavior

Baby Marshall

Last night, 3am, I get Liam down to sleep and the dog is wagging his tail and look up at me expectantly. Hmmm. "Do you have to go potty?" wag wag "Are you hungry?" Jump up wag wag wag! Shoot. I think we forgot to feed the dog dinner. Bad parents! I fed the dog, put him out for potty, then we both went back to bed. In the morning I told Bill what bad parents we are and he said "Uh no, I fed the dog dinner. He tricked you." grrrrrr

Baby Cassie

Earlier that day I saw Cassie swat Liam's pacifier onto the ground and play with it. I was wondering who was leaving bite marks on the pacifier since Liam has no teeth. I guess we'll need to hide them from her since that is gross and she has effectively lost half of them.

This is not the worst thing she has done with the baby. We were struggling to get Liam to bed one night and finally he fell asleep. 5 minutes later we hear him crying. Good grief! I went in the check the baby and guess who was in the baby's crib? Yes, Ms. Thing had jumped into the crib and woke up the baby. We actually thought that one was funny.

Someday, Liam will be good buddies with the beasts. For now, I think they are all just messing with me.


MM said...

I've heard that is a common dog trick around new babies.

D said...

BABY CASSIE!!!! All kittens are cute, but there's just something about the Siamese kitties that I love, Love, LOVE!