Sunday, December 27, 2009

Apply pressure where it hurts

Baby drool. I might join him soon.

I was feeling a lot of pressure leading up to Christmas. Going back to work, getting started with exercise, taking Liam to daycare, getting my relationship back with my husband after baby, getting ready for the holidays, making travel plans, ahhh! A poof of smoke just escaped my ears.

I told my friend, who gave birth a few weeks after me, that I wanted to start dieting so I could lose a bit of baby weight and she said, "Isn't that putting a lot of pressure on yourself when you are busy with baby?" I didn't even think of it that way. I am so distracted with the many things I choose to pressure myself with that I don't even recognize when I add another log on the fire.

Baby likes his chair now.
He was helping his daddy watch football today from his chair.

I haven't even told you the biggest pressure we have chosen to embark upon in 2010. We are preparing to put our house on the market. This house is too small for us, especially now that Little Liam is here. So we are gutting every corner of the house, compiling bags of things to donate to a local charity for the homeless, and prepping everything we want to keep but doesn't fit to go into storage. We have too much stuff! Someone talk to my husband about this, because he isn't listening to his wife. That is a whole other topic though, and if Bill had a blog he would write about how his insane wife is pressuring him to get rid of perfectly good things that he plans to use in the very near future.

True story: today Bill said "I got rid of two pairs of socks!" His wife got an adrenaline shot followed by a dose of patience and everyone lived to tell the story.


cherelli said...

haha totally hear you on the moving. We are still in the process of "finishing" our move with 5/6 of our stuff now in the new house after painting and doing a few other things. As soon as we knew we had the place I started clearing things out; hubby's idea: well, i was just going to move EVERYTHING and sort it out at the other end....!! yeah right. Hope the house-hunting goes well for you!

J said...

I just watched 3 episodes of Hoarders yesterday. For me, that's awesome inspiration. As is going to my in laws' house. They have a huge house filled up with stuff. It's all clean and organized, but the excess knick-knacks drives me crazy and makes me want to purge stuff at home. I have a pretty uncluttered living area, but there are definitely other areas of the house that are more used for storage than living, which is silly. I kind of wish I had a smaller house so I couldn't do that!