Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Things we are doing right

We got through last night without too much trouble, he must have worked out most of the gas during the day although we really burped him and had him on his tummy before we went to bed. Hopefully tonight will work out as well as last night.

It's pretty easy to get things wrong with your first baby, here are some things we lucked into that have worked well for us so far...

1. Asking for help and saying no: first my mom came and cleaned our house, helped at the hospital, and cooked for us and helped with the baby when we first came home. It was perfect and amazing! Then, I realized that I wasn't comfortable breast feeding and being in my underwear in front of my dad so we asked them to leave a day early so we could get our feet under ourselves in privacy. It was hard, but the right thing to do. You can't recover from surgery and breast feed a baby with your clothes on and your hair fixed. It just doesn't work. Fortunately, mom will be back for Thanksgiving and I am counting the days until she arrives. We've also been treated to several excellent dinners from friends (sauteed pork chops tonight!) and also asked friends to stay away who are sick or have been exposed to sick people.

2. Bed in the baby's room: doesn't look so perfect anymore now that I have to squeeze laundry in between breastfeeding but this works so well. Bill gets to sleep in our room and I am near the baby, which is where I need to be, and the baby is sleeping in the crib which makes me feel better as it lowers the risk of SIDS. He does sleep with me in the morning in bed when I need an extra snooze but in general, he sleeps on his own and we are all sleeping more because of it.

3. iTouch and docking station: I play Pandora (custom internet radio station) at night (lullabies and soundscapes) to put us to sleep and when baby wakes, I play games on the iTouch or browse the web while breastfeeding in the middle of the night. I love this gadget for both purposes!

4. Baby swing: yes it looks corny but this swing is the only reason my hands are free to type this now. Baby will snooze in the swing which goes 2 ways and plays music which he loves. He fusses sometimes when the music stops but it's worth listening to chirping birds and lullabies so I can get the dishes done.

5. Fan with washable air filter: the fan provides white noise and reduces the risk of SIDS plus it has an air filter which we need since both the cat and the dog insist on sleeping in the baby's room with me.

6. Diaper genie: we have one upstairs and downstairs to keep dirty diaper smells under control.

7. Pampers Swaddlers diapers: a strip on the front turns green if baby pees. We wanted to be the types that use cloth diapers but it's just not going to happen yet. Once we get more sleep, then we'll be ready to take on washing dirty cloth diapers (no diaper service here) but it will likely mean we have to buy a new washer and dryer since ours are old and not great.

8. Butt paste and Costco wet wipes: baby has already had a few red spots on his bum and he practically purred when we put on the butt paste. The wipes, he hates, but you can get a million of them at Costco for $5 and it's just a fact of life dear Liam, that sometimes it takes a cold wet wipe to clean your rear.


MM said...

butt paste is good stuff. i use it for chafing.

sounds like you are getting the swing of things now.

mdraeger said...

I love reading about life with Liam.

I totally understand not going the cloth diaper route right now, but should you wish to investigate further, my friend Heidi wrote a very informative blog post about it: http://crazyoatie.wordpress.com/2009/10/15/cloth-diaper-review/

Trish said...

thanks so much for the tips!!! we're in week 41 now waiting for our daughter to decide to join us. i've definitely gotten inspiration from your blog and really appreciate hearing what is working for you.

good luck with the gas and getting some sleep through the night. -trish

The Original SunnyD said...

Yeah, Butt Paste.... I imagine that is a lot like chamois cream, and that has saved many a butt world-wide!

Glad you are doing something right ;-)