Thursday, November 05, 2009

Sleep. Sleeeepppp

The last 48 hours have been interesting, but we have survived and learned a few things and that's what counts with a newborn. Little Liam started out cranky with gas and stayed awake almost all day which was hard on me because Bill was out of town and I had stayed up with the baby the night before to give Bill and a break. That night, Liam woke up every 2 hours and at one point, stayed up for an hour and a half around 3am and then kept waking up every hour after that.

We were brutalized. Then the real fun began. Liam was constipated. We researched on the web and tried several things including giving the baby a smidge of prune juice with some water. It didn't appear to do anything but the baby was snoozing which was an improvement from the day before. We were a little worried he wouldn't sleep at night because he was sleeping so much that day. We set out to put him down for the night and he wouldn't go to sleep.

Around 10:30 last night, baby had the biggest bowel movement ever had by a 3 week old. Thank goodness. Yes, our lives are almost completely focused on BMs now. Baby filled two diapers and then slept for 4 hours straight. Then he slept for another 3 hours. It was heaven.

So we survived! He got fussy with me again this afternoon so I gave him a warm bath which caused another BM and then we took a nice nap together for a few hours and Bill is napping with the baby now.

We might even get to watch a movie this Friday night. Or we'll all just sleep. I was walking with the baby today, thinking about how much my life has changed since he arrived and thinking about how far away I've gone from where I was before he arrived. The Beatles lyric "get back to where you once belong" started going through my head and made me think about what a challenging road it's going to be for me to get back to triathlon and work and going to school with this baby in my life.

Every little thing we accomplish with the baby, including a BM, gives me a little more confidence that we are going to do this and get through these challenges. It isn't going to be easy though. We'll just take it one hour at a time and enjoy this little baby while we can. Hopefully he won't resent me writing about his baby BMs on the internet and become a disaffected teenager because of it. If he does, I'll just wake him up every 2 hours to get back at him.

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D said...

So nothing's really changed, only instead of calling them GI issues you are calling them BM's. Being a triathlete & a mommy are more similar than I thought ;)