Saturday, November 28, 2009

No more apple pie please

We immersed ourselves in the holidays this weekend having Thanksgiving dinner twice and getting a great start on Christmas. We had dinner at a friend's house on Thursday and then my parents arrived for a visit on Friday. My mom cooked a full Thanksgiving dinner for us and watched the baby while we exercised.

I got to walk/run on Friday and then today we rode our bikes to the pool for an afternoon swim. Glorious! On Saturday our friend came over and helped us decorate our tree as she has for the past 3 years. She is great at tree decorating and handles it much better than I do so we are in good shape for Christmas now.

Bill went out and bought some presents for himself to put under the tree so my work is mostly done. I just have to keep myself from making too many holiday cookies and I know that won't work so I guess my new year's resolution will be to lose this baby weight. It would also help if I would quit eating two types of pie before bed but this is what happens when my mom visits and brings 4 pies with her. Help!

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