Friday, November 13, 2009

I've created a monster

No, not this monster!

Little Liam has been fussing in the late morning, just before we go for our noon time walk. Which has me wondering, does this kid anticipate going for a walk like the dang dog does? Because once we hit the road, he quietly snoozes away and barely makes a peep while mommy walks. But before that: wildcat! I think we have another exercise addict on our hands.

This little monster!

So I got out of the house today for the 2nd time since the baby. Bill watched him while I went to the salon for some much needed highlights. I actually feel like a human again and not a milk delivery system for baby. I even put on my fancy boots and some make-up. It was kind of heavenly, I think I could have passed go and went directly to the bar for happy hour but my boobs were tingly (sorry) and I was in jeopardy of soaking through my shirt (sorry) so I'm home blogging.

Here's an overexposed photo of me post hair color today. I almost look normal which is amazing considering I was "the biggest pregnant woman I've ever seen" according to one swimmer. Notice I had to wear a black sweater to hide the belly bulge. This was the only thing I could find to wear that hid it so I will probably be wearing this a lot. And I really do still look 5 months pregnant, this is just an awesome outfit. I can take a photo of my belly if you need it!


MM said...

You look great! Thevweight will come off soon.

D said...

I think we do need a photo of your belly :)

Alicia Parr said...

You may not feel like it, but you DO look great in that picture. Besides, the nameless swimmer only said that about your size because they didn't see me at full term.