Monday, November 16, 2009

The dirty dish rag theory

FYI... I made it to the grocery store, by myself, with the baby today. It went great except the Starbucks espresso machine was broken. LAME. Plus I had to get out of my pajama bottoms.

My husband and I are slightly off when you compare us to other people. We do take on some traditional roles but we also have high expectations of each other in non-traditional ways. Example: my husband is perfectly happy if I am making more money than he is. He thinks it's awesome and tells people that he has two masters degrees and I don't even have a bachelors and I make more money.

It's really because he spent so much time in school that I have high expectations of him to get things done around the house. He did the dishes for 95% of our relationship because he wasn't working and was home while I worked full time and had a web store. When you work as a team like that, you have to let go of certain things, like how the other person does things differently than you would.

This is where my dirty dish rag theory comes in. Bill used to frequently leave the dish rag lying in dirty dish water. I asked him not to do that, because it's disgusting, and he did manage to keep it out of the dirty water about half the time. The other half, I found the dish rag in the sink soaking in filth. I had to tell myself that this time would pass, that someday, I would be in charge of the kitchen and it would be clean the way I wanted it to be.

Well that time has come, I am home with the baby and guess what? The kitchen sink is clean before I go to bed each night. It could have been that way all along if I would have taken over and done it myself which is what most women do when men don't do something the way they like. But I won't do what most women do because I think women cheat themselves when they do that.

Now on to the baby. Yesterday, Bill was trying to soothe the baby by loudly listening to Billy Idol. I suggested that he run the vacuum cleaner instead to which he scoffed. It seems the crying baby is the great conqueror because within minutes he was vacuuming, the baby was quiet, and peace had been restored. Bottom line is the baby is in charge and we are all just servants.

I bet you are wondering what annoying things I do that irritate my husband? Good thing he doesn't have a blog!


Amanda Whitmire said...

Ha ha! I was laughing and nodding my head this entire post! Curt and I both tend toward being OCD, with him being a bit more "special" than me in most cases. We each have our charms, of course. Anyway, we tend to each have certain things that we do, and we do them "our way," which of course is the best way. Naturally. So, one of Curt's things is garbage duty. It's his thing, like weeding is my thing.

Anyway, so a few years ago, when I did not yet fully understand his special nature, I attempted to help him collect the garbage, recycling, etc. for trash day. He was getting upset with me and I couldn't figure out why. Finally I put the garbage can down and asked what the hell was going on. It turns out that I was "doing it wrong." Erika - I was taking out the garbage "wrong"!! Hee hee hee! He no longer receives my help with the garbage.

Certain things we can change, but others we just have to let go. Choose your battles, as they say. However, letting the dishrag fester in the dirty water IS disgusting. ;-)

The Original SunnyD said...

Tell Bill to try Rick Astley or Sting next time. :-)