Friday, October 09, 2009

The waiting is not the hardest part

Cassie chilling out on Bill's infamous blue socks

I always thought that if I took an extended break from work that it would involve travel and lots of drinks. HA! I started maternity leave on Tuesday and it has been nothing but sleepless nights, naps, back pain, and small contractions since I left work. Yesterday, I marched around a field at the park so I could get some exercise in the sun but still remain close to a bathroom. I really couldn't have more fun than this.

So! Nothing to report here. Just lack of sleep and gigantic bags under my eyes. Eventually, this journey will end with a little baby, whose head is now lodged into my pelvis. Until then, I will be hanging out here, with the dog looking at me expectantly and the cat napping on Bill's dirty socks.

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D said...

Cassie is so gorgeous. Aren't we lucky to have such pretty kitties? :)