Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Liam taking his afternoon nap on mommy who naps soon after taking adoring photos of him...

I saw the OBGYN who performed the c-section today and I'm looking good for recovery and I got the H1N1 vaccine so that was good news. The bad news is that she thinks my pelvis is too small and she doesn't think I'll ever deliver vaginally. Thank goodness we live in modern times, otherwise Bill would have to trade me for someone with child bearing hips!

I breastfed in public for the 1st time today and Bill was like, "Are you going to do that here?" Uh yeah! Crying baby = boobie in mouth. First at the Dr office and then in the parking lot of the grocery store, I had to change his diaper and then break out the boobie. Typically, I would not lift up my shirt and expose myself in the parking lot of the downtown grocery store but this is what happens when you have engorged breasts.

Last night I made it through the night by myself with Liam. I let Bill sleep through the night and I took on little fuss-a-lumps or "Lumps" as I call him. We did pretty well and Bill seemed a little more coherent today. Too bad he's back on night shift again tonight. He'll survive. Or I'll have to trade him in for a man who can hunt with little to no sleep. :)

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