Sunday, October 18, 2009

On the 5th day of Liam

Some photos of the baby... I will try to get it together this week and write some things about the labor and delivery and what a joy our little dude has been.

Right now we are trying to find a method for dealing with his 2.5 hour sleep cycle. I feed the baby, Bill burps the baby, handles the diaper and swaddles him and hopefully he goes to sleep after. Then we repeat until something goes awry. I have been peed on twice already and Bill has been on the receiving end of some powerful spit-ups so we are even so far.

I am attempting to breast feed but the milk is coming in too slow and poor baby is hungry and frustrated with me. It's heartbreaking! We see the pediatrician tomorrow and don't tell anyone but we're giving him formula tonight. You're not supposed to but I can't take it anymore. It's not that he's fussy, he just gets enough milk to take the edge off (except Friday night when we were up all night) but I just can't stand knowing he's hungry. If you spoke with me right now, I would spontaneously burst into tears over it so we need to get a handle on this one way or another.

Anyway! We took Liam out of the house for the first time today for a walk around the block. He didn't really seem to notice the change in scenery but I did! I've spent the past few days either in the bedroom or bathroom.

Liam loves the swing and Bill is already trying to expose him to sports. He likes to tell people that Liam will be a mixed martial artist (cage fighter) but don't worry, I've been amassing books and have every intention of turning him into a brainiac. Enjoy sleep for me!


D said...

On behalf of young men everywhere, I request that the pictures stay of the PG nature. One day that boy will be old enough for the internet and really hate you for posting anything... well, you know :)

MM said...

I love the gansta look of the one pic. and since you went through 30 hours of labor, bill is not even with you. No matter how much of whatever comes out of the kid and onto him. Ever.

wonderwoman said...

He is so precious :)

Ariel said...

He's just wonderful. Congratulations!!!

Fitness Integral said...

Precious! Looking forward to following your adventures of momhood on your blog. :)

rr said...

Congratulations Erika, he is SO beautiful. Your labor sounds like it was a rough one but you kept your eye on the ball - healthy baby, healthy mom, that's all that ever matters in the long run. Hope you are recovering well!!