Wednesday, October 28, 2009

No more stinky baby

Finally! The smelly umbilical cord stump fell off. This is one of the many things they don't tell you when they hand you the baby... that umbilical cord smells awful after 2 weeks. I kept thinking the child had a bad diaper but no that wasn't it.

Once it's gone, you can finally bath your child. Liam loved his 1st bath. I'm hoping it relaxes him, Bill is filing his fingernails right now then it's off to bed which I really hope means sleep. Last night he wouldn't sleep until 11:30 pm and then he was awake again at 1am and I was up with him until 3am when I went and got Bill for backup. He wasn't crying, he was just awake, at 3 am. Help! No more all day snoozing.

Check out Liam's fleece suit, yes, it's one of those costume looking get-ups that are sickeningly cute. I love it. Today we were able to walk for 45 minutes outside with the stroller, it was heaven. Just a few weeks ago I was hugely pregnant and couldn't walk a block because the baby's head was lodged in my pelvis. I couldn't bend over, see my feet, go to the bathroom normally, eat most foods... it's all over now. Sweet relief! I swear I was singing "Amazing Grace" and thinking "I have been healed!" as I was walking today. I can walk! I can walk! I will have a party (beer) when I can start running again. I can't wait!

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Fitness Integral said...

It's so nice to read about your life with Liam. What a cutey. :) You'll have to change your tag line of the blog now to 1 webstore + 2 triathletes + 1 future triathlete ... hugs from Catalunya!