Friday, October 30, 2009

Less talk more photos

The baby woke up every hour and a half last night and it was Bill's night off so I was up with the baby most of the night by myself. Apparently, he sleeps better for his father because as soon as daddy took over at 6:30 am, little Liam slept until 10 am.

In other "things that we haven't figured out yet" news... the baby has pooped in the bath the past 2 nights. Any advice on how to prevent his extreme relaxation while bathing.

I took this photo of Marshall and Cassie sleeping in the baby's room in the middle of the night. I did not put them this way, they were sleeping cheek to cheek. Disgusting!

Took this cell phone photo of Liam holding up his bottle during our walk today. I'm sure it's just an accident that he can hold his bottle up but it's dang cute isn't it? Today we walked for an entire hour which was heaven! I had to take the stroller, a pack to carry him in just in case he hated the stroller, a bottle, a pacifier, diapers and changing accessories, the dog and his ball, and of course myself. It was a mission but my legs felt stronger for it and I completely enjoyed the mild weather we are having?


D said...

I actually let out an "awwww" looking at the picture of...

the dog & cat :)

Yes. This chick will never have kids haha.

cherelli said...

haha the animals look exhausted from all those night-time feedings :)