Monday, October 05, 2009

Dress rehearsal for baby

I ended up in the hospital today, but it was short lived! Long story short: I didn't sleep last night and had a lot of little contractions so I mentioned this at a regularly scheduled appointment this morning and they put me on a fetal monitor to observe the baby. After 20 minutes, they kept me on it and observed him more. Then the nurse comes in and asks us to head over to the hospital to admissions, they want to monitor me there.

I looked at Bill with wide eyes, he looked at me with mild panic, and we walked over to the hospital and checked in. Luckily, I'm ore-registered at the hospital and before I knew it I was on the maternity ward with my clothes off and another fetal monitor on. The nurse indicated that I would either end up going home or they would induce labor depending on the baby's condition. Yikes!

Even though I was alarmed, I didn't panic and was kind of comforted to be there even though there was a woman moaning down the hall "She's pushing right now" the nurse said. Can't get more real than that! The drama was over soon enough, the baby checked out fine there. His heart rate was up and he was moving around. Apparently he was napping earlier. I think our baby likes to nap during the day and party at night. This must be payback for my early 20s.

They quickly discharged me and told me to take an Ambien and get some sleep. They did observe that I am having lots of contractions but they are the "false labor" type that help get your body ready to give birth but don't mean you're in labor.

It was a dramatic morning but basically we are where we started. I'm tired, the baby is still inside, and Bill is passed out in the bed right now. Which, by the way, I was able to observe my husband in action at the hospital and let's just say he kept sneaking onto the bed and nice chair they have for the pregnant woman and he somehow managed to find a movie on the TV that had Hooter's girls in it. Something tells me he will enjoy this process...


Robyn said...

Yikes! Well, now you know how that will go. Aaron slept on the couch during a few hours of my labor... until I decided that I NEEDED him to help me. Groggy help was better than no help. Thinking of you three!

QRgirl (erin) said...

wow-ee! I can't wait to see the little Fleck dude.