Thursday, September 24, 2009

Utter devastation

I wasn't feeling great yesterday so I left work early and spent the afternoon at home trying to rest and relax my contracting belly. I emailed a friend and asked her to take Marshall for a walk since Bill was still out of town and walking was painful for me due to the pressure in my pelvis from the baby. Marshall was so excited to see her, I think he is totally over this pregnancy thing.

An hour or so later she brought him back and started questioning me about how I was feeling. I admitted that I was having some contractions and feeling nauseated but nothing was painful. She advised that I pack my bags, just in case things developed faster than I thought. So I went upstairs and packed my hospital bag which alarmed the dog tremendously.

He was looking at me with utter devastation. First daddy left and now you are packing your bags?! Why do you smell funny? Lay down mommy! Stop packing!

Poor guy! He knows something is up and that it might not be good. I had a talk with him and assured him that he is my special guy and that we'll have to run off the baby weight so don't worry his precious athletic heart, he'll get his exercise.

Bill is back home again so it looks like he will get to witness the birth of his first child. We saw the midwife this morning and she said the baby's head was in the right place but he had not descended yet. My belly is measuring perfectly and my weight is perfect and the heart rate of the baby is perfect. 130. Can you believe how fast their little heart's have to beat? So we are all lined up for birth. I just have to get through this child birth thing which should be a total breeze! :)


mdraeger said...

Poor little Marshall baby! I'm so excited for you and the new baby and I know you're going to do great. I'll be sending positive/pain-killing thoughts your way. :-)

D said...

If you lose all that baby weight before I lose my 10-15lbs, I'm gonna come down there and steal your baby.