Wednesday, September 23, 2009

To Heidi with Love

Thank you, dear woman, for being due at the same time as I am and for going to the Emmy awards with your beautiful belly on display. Look at that gorgeous arm and your lovely skin. You are amazing! I have watched your show, "Project Runway" and always thought you were a bit obnoxious with your tag line "You're either in, or you're out!" but I have put this behind me now and declare my love for you and all things Heidi.

I hope the overweight check out clerk who asked me, "How are you still walking around like that?" sees this photo of you. Next time, I'll wear a black strapless dress and chandelier earrings to buy groceries and give the checker a withering look.

Thank you for not acting like it's the 1950s and that pregnant women should be bed ridden and hidden from public view. I love you Heidi! You gave me a much needed boost at the end of my pregnancy.

More pregnant stars but none as hot as Heidi...

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