Wednesday, September 30, 2009

There was no room for birthday treats

If you ever find yourself to be hugely pregnant and wonder "How can I make myself even more miserable?" then friend, I have the answer for you! Go out for a birthday dinner and then wrap up the evening up with rich chocolate desserts. I promise you, you will feel miserable afterward. Actually, never do this, it's not worth it!

We saw the nurse midwife today and everything is great with the baby. He's in the right position and he's doing well. Now we wait... and we nap... and we try not to eat too much because it hurts.

I'm still working, only part time, and basically all anyone cares about is that I don't give birth until the date they have chosen on the office pool of dates Erika gives birth. This is fine with me, I can handle this level of drama.

Tomorrow, we meet with the maternity care coordinator at the hospital who will help us with a birth plan and how we want things to go at the hospital. Here's how I want things to go: I have a healthy baby in the next 2-3 weeks. However that happens is something I will deal with as it comes. That's my plan! I don't need candles, chanting, or aromatherapy to feel good about my experience, not that they are offering.

Monday, we meet with a lactation consultant who will apparently examine my breastsess and advise us on breast feeding techniques. This should be interesting.

Then Wednesday it's back to see the midwife. I really don't have time to have a baby with all of these appointments I have scheduled.

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