Friday, September 11, 2009

Make lemonade

You know that old saying about life handing you lemons? Well that is not what this is about! I had a craving for lemonade recently so we bought a bag o lemons at Costco last weekend and I started squeezing. It's easier than I thought, here is the recipe I used. DELISH! I highly recommend you hook yourself up with some fresh squeezed lemonade while you can still get lemons for a reasonable price.

I think our plan for this weekend is to buy a digital video camera (I know! A minivan is next--NOT!) and possibly go to the coast for an over nighter. We'll have to see, I haven't slept well all week and I don't know how I would do in a tent and no direct access to a bathroom.

When I asked Bill about purchasing the video camera he said, "Sweet! We can take it to the soccer field and record me making goals." That's exactly what I was thinking Uncle Rico!

About lemonade and cravings, if you know any pregnant women, I highly recommend hanging out with them in the evenings. They will lead you toward awesome food and amazing treats. Just follow the waddling woman. Last Friday, I wanted to bake a cake and we came home with 4 different cake mixes and frosting. I tried this new whipped cream frosting and it doesn't have that chemical taste a lot of frostings have. Check it out.

The other excellent thing I've been eating lately are these toasted chips. They are basically crackers but a little less bad for you. YUM WITH CHEESE or dip them in Hidden Valley Ranch sour cream dip. Did you gain 5 pounds yet?

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