Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Here come the cops

We attempted to wrap up the getting ready for baby activities this weekend since the forecast said rain. Bill did all of the hard labor and I did all the research. We needed a car seat and a stroller and MAN! If you want to waste a day on the computer, try to pick out a car seat and stroller. Target had a well timed sale on baby items so Bill and I spent our Sunday evening in Target looking at infant swings and around town strollers. Good times. I have a mild anxiety attack over every purchase.

On the way home, I said to Bill, "I bet we end up with 2 boys (I still lament not being able to buy pink)." He got excited and said, "Yeah! They will be brawling buddies! I can set up an octagon in the back yard and they can practice their MMA skills. I have to teach Little Dude to block the flying knee." That is so not what I was thinking about, I said "Why do I get the feeling that the cops will be at our house a lot?"

Seriously, Bill is so high energy, can you imagine a little version of him? I hope the little guy can at least sleep well. I'm going to need sleep to deal with this.

We have decided to buy the BOB Sport Utility stroller for off road running. This is our most expensive purchase, I think we will end up spending about $1,000 to get going with this baby and that is after receiving many hand me downs. We are now about 5-6 weeks out from our due date so I think we are doing pretty well in preparedness.

Non-baby news: Bill has been riding his bike pretty regularly and I'm starting to see a bit of his competitive edge coming back in swimming. Unfortunately, he has a calf issue that is preventing him from running. He's still on for Ironman... no pressure on him. Train for an Ironman and get ready for a baby!

As for my activity level, I still swim 3 times a week, aqua jog 1-2 times a week and walk the dog in the evenings some nights. My plans for walking 1 hour at a time are out the window, my bladder barks after 15 minutes of walking and the weight of the baby pushes down so hard I really can't go for more than 30 minutes. Plus my hands and feet start to swell. Long exercise will have to wait until post baby.


Hua said...


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marg1515 said...

We got the BOB with an infant car seat adapter and LOVE it...in fact going on a run this afternoon! Good choice! I just got a GRACO car seat to use with the BOB since only some fit.