Friday, September 18, 2009

Gosh dang

I had quite an experience at the pool today. One of my swim mates said to me, "You are the biggest pregnant woman I have ever seen. I've seen a lot of pregnant women and you are BIG!" Well gosh dang. I feel like emailing him a link to one of those websites where women post photos of their pregnant bellies. Trust me, I am not the biggest pregnant woman you have ever seen.

Hey, remember when I used to get uptight about people touching my belly? Now, if I someone asks me about pregnancy and little dude is kicking, I grab their hand and put it on my belly. It's awesome! I actually did this to someone yesterday at the pool. I doubt he wanted to touch a soaking wet pregnant woman. Paybacks!

Bill shows up at the pool today (late and looking good... which! by the way! never let your husband sign up for an Ironman while you are pregnant because his body fat will plummet while yours goes the opposite direction). Anyway, I ask him if the jogging stroller arrived as it was due to be shipped today. He said yes so I suggested we assemble tonight and make sure the car seat fits in the adapter so we can return it if not ($$). Good times on a Friday night in the land of the pregnant! He says, "You can assemble the stroller, I'll clean the house."

Here's the thing, besides the crib, I think I have assembled all of the baby stuff. Meanwhile, he cleans the house. Is that weird? I mean, I had to ask him where the screw driver was yesterday since I was assembling a swing. I guess that makes sense because physically, I am disadvantaged when it comes to moving around to clean house and I have been avoiding chemical cleaning products.

We are both going to be thrilled when this phase is over and we are on to the next phase. Sleeplessness and a baby on the outside!

My mom and sister arrive tomorrow for our baby shower. My sister hasn't seen me since I got pregnant so it will be fun to see the look on her face when she sees the biggest pregnant woman on the face of the planet. :) Cheers!

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wonderwoman said...

Nothing wrong with a man doing the cleaning! Great that you can put at the stuff together too!

Maybe because you are thin, people think it's ok to make the "biggest pregnant woman" comments, but seriously how rude!