Monday, September 21, 2009

Family first

We had a co-ed baby shower this weekend that was not your typical baby shower, it was potluck, there was beer on tap, and guys watching football in the other room. I had a lovely time which would have been made better had my husband been there as planned. He got called out of town for work last week at the last minute and had to miss the shower. I wanted him to email our friends to explain but he had a better idea, he wanted me to pretend like he was there the whole time.

So I spent the first hour of the party telling people, "He's running a little late..." and "I thought I just saw him..." or "maybe he's in the bathroom..." but eventually I was hearing people getting irritated. Apparently there was an effort underway to go get him or get him on the phone and cuss him out for being so late.

I had to get up in front of the crowd and tell everyone that Bill wasn't coming, that he had been called out of town on business, and that he wanted me to act like he was at the party the whole time. Everyone laughed but he was the villain of the party for a while there.

In the end, it worked out fine but I'm still slightly hung up on this whole thing about saying, "Family comes first but..." and then demanding a man's presence somewhere weeks before his wife is due to give birth. I'm just slightly hung up on it. I don't think you should follow up the statement "Family comes first" with a but. It either comes first or it doesn't come first.

Don't cross a pregnant woman, she will not forget. My hormones are so raging, there will be no forgiveness should someone cross me now. Actually, I'm pretty serious about this, I would not cross me right now.

There are no photos because I took my camera but left the battery at home in the charger. I did take some video, we'll see if I can get it together to post some of it. I remember someone asking me if I was going to film my own birth and then I did something obscene, that might be funny to post. Family first!

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