Saturday, September 05, 2009

The career vs. maternity leave

Long story short: I've been working on a project for close to a year, had some loose ends to wrap up but planned on having most of the specifications done before I left on maternity leave in 5 weeks. Friday morning the boss comes in and basically says... cancel all of the meetings you have scheduled for this project and give me everything you have to date. Not much you can say to that, apparently, my work here is done.

To his credit, he approached me later in the day to explain that there was panic about the project not getting done in a timely manner and that he was taking over.

I won't drag on with all the details but I think this is what can happen to women who get pregnant. People are suspicious that you won't come back after the baby and they panic about who will do the work in your absence. Honestly, it's enough to make a woman not want to come back to work.

No matter what I feel about this, I am going to do what's right for our child. I had this laid out so that I would have a very decent paying part time job after I give birth and I'm going ahead with that unless we can't find a quality child care situation. Every woman I know struggles with this, balancing career and family.

It would be nice if people would not jump to conclusions about whether a woman is returning to work after giving birth. It feels like the 1950s still sometimes.

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