Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Above average

A line-up of women from our child birth class, in order of due date from left to right. Can you spot me in the line up? I am the tall, thin one. HA HA!

Check out how high I'm carrying compared to the other women. I look like I have a tent on. Poor me! BUT I'm ready to camp!

The hubbies line-up. Not quite as dramatic as the ladies, we get all the attention. I'm over it though. I'll take the baby and everyday anonymity. I can't go into the restroom without a long conversation about pregnancy and since I go to the bathroom several times a day...

If you were wondering what is covered in child birth class, let me sum it up for you:
  1. Give birth naturally
  2. It will be the most painful and exhausting experience of your life
  3. Breathing HE-HE-HE-WHO will get you through the experience
  4. A bunch of terrible stuff can happen (loss of control of your bowels not being the worst)
  5. After the baby is delivered you are in for more physical pain and suffering for weeks afterward
  6. Breast feed or you are a terrible person
Bill seems pretty sold on the non-intervention route and he's planning to support me through the experience. I don't think he quite knows what he's in for. It may be harder on him than it is on me. That could be my goal: how quickly can I get Bill to request an epidural? :) tee he!


D said...

Seems to me some of the things covered in that class should be covered before the pregnancy. Nevermind before the birth!

NoPoGirl said...

Number six cracked me up! Awesome list. That's basically what was covered in my childbirth class too. I: was induced, had an epidural (and therefore a pain-free labor), third-degree tearing (thank god for the epidural), and breastfed, but only until 6 months.

Childbirth agendas make me laugh.