Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What's better than a shirtless lifeguard?

I went swimming today and noticed the lifeguard was sitting at the head of the pool rather than on the side in the lifeguard chair. We seem to get a different lifeguard on most days, apparently they have a huge staff of college kids on hand at the university pool.

Anyway, I ease into the pool and start my slow swimming when about 600 yards later I stop at the side of the pool and look up at the lifeguard to realize what is different about him: he doesn't have a shirt on. Which isn't a big deal except we're at an indoor pool and every other lifeguard I've seen wears a shirt (indoors). So he was posing! Which was cute! A little tan shirtless college boy to entertain the pregnant lady.

Life is not so bad. I busted Bill for flirting with a lifeguard once (young college female) so this is a little bit of sweet revenge. I should have flirted with the guy. I'm sure he would have enjoyed that. Pregnant woman wearing a droopy, on the verge of see-through swimsuit giving him the eye. I bet he wears his shirt next time!

Just a warning: I've been talking all this smack about my husband lately but really he has been better than I ever imagined he could be throughout this pregnancy and I am mentally composing a blog post about how awesome he is. You have been warned!

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Ariel said...

Too funny, I also swim at an indoor pool and on Monday I noticed a new lifeguard going shirtless. And this in SF, where it's typically about 59 degrees in August. The standard uniform is a long-sleeved shirt. He looked so out of place!