Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The weekend that went nowhere

So I didn't go anywhere this weekend. Bill ditched me to go on the "Covered Bridge Century Ride" with a bunch of roadies. I think it was a good workout for him and there is no reason for both of us to sit around being pregnant when only one of us really is pregnant. I like seeing Bill's fitness come back for multiple reasons: great looking legs, it wears him out and keeps him focused, and I get to live vicariously through him while I sit at home and fold baby socks.
I am soooo going to lose these half of these socks.

We are getting ready for one last triathlon of the season this weekend for tribabe.com. All future events will be for Bill to race only. I'm relieved. Sales have been slow and I'm too tired and distracted to really throw myself into it. I hate just getting by but that's exactly what I've been doing lately and that's just the way it is for the next 2 months.

On to baby news, where my head always is anyway: we met our first midwife on Monday and of course she was incredibly pleasant and wonderful to us. I told her I couldn't believe how big I'm getting and she looked at my chart and said, "But you've only gained 23 pounds which is in the normal range." Bill said, "Oh she's gained more than 23 pounds!" Which of course caused my head to swivel and I gave him the "Shut up" look but that didn't stop him at all. "She's gained at least 30 pounds." Uh, not according to my chart buddy! Truthfully, before we started down the fertility path, my typical weight was around 130 pounds. I now weigh over 170 pounds. Can you believe that? That's what 2 1/2 years of fertility drugs and 7 1/2 months of pregnancy can do to a body.

I met Bill today to aqua jog since he has a running injury and I love aqua jogging, especially now that I'm pregnant. At the end of our workout I indicated I had to use the ladder to get out of the pool and he said, "Why don't we get that crane over there to get you out!" The dude thinks he's funny. Just wait buddy, next time I'm wearing a bikini to workout with you and that is NOT a joke.

I hope our kid has a sense of humor, otherwise, he will be horribly confused by his strange parents.

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