Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Spokane WA

We're back from our extended weekend it Spokane, my original hometown and the location of two great all women's triathlons: Valley Girl and Wunderwoman. Wunderwoman was my last triathlon of the season and I was happy to be there but also happy to be done slogging our gear around and forcing my pregnant body through these experiences. As you can see, the Jeep was loaded to the roof with gear and a baby gifts.

Before we left town, Bill and Marshall dog swam in Medical Lake, a non-motorized lake outside of Spokane where you can swim across the lake and not worry about being mowed down by a jet ski or boats. I used to ride my bike from EWU to this lake, ditch the bike in the bushes and then swim across the lake and back before biking back to the school. The good old days, back when I wasn't a pregnant beach ball.

Spokane is surrounded by lakes and the culture there is very outdoorsy and fun seeking. I grew up swimming in lakes and remember seeing my uncle's friend swim across a lake once and thinking that was a super cool thing to do and only hard core people did stuff like that. I can't wait to be hard core again!

We took Marshall for walks on (and off as you can see from the photo) the Centennial Trail, a bike path that roams next to the Spokane River and goes from Spokane WA to Coeur d'Alene ID. Everyone on the trail was friendly and looked to be enjoying the NW lifestyle. I miss the lakes and the 4 seasons I enjoyed growing up there.

Bill and I stayed with my parents which was great, I hardly ever get to spend time with them even though we visit there frequently. We're always so busy with events or training when we are there. Unfortunately, all is not well with my mom's side of the family. Her father is having heart and lung trouble and two of her brothers are showing the strains of living with muscular dystrophy. Bill and I stopped by to visit with them on Saturday, grandpa gets so worked up about having company that we decided not to stay long and strain him. It was hard to see him in a wheelchair and on oxygen and we were seeing him in good spirits so I know my mom is dealing with a lot to take care of him.

Family is so important to help keep your perspective on the right track. My grandpa taught me so much about life, even though we weren't close, I saw how he took care of my grandma who suffered with MD and it helped me understand what I needed to find in a man for my life. Thinking that this may be one of the final times I see him was sad. And I'm worried about my mom trying to take care of him and everything else going on in her life. So it was a bittersweet visit, as it always is when you live far from the ones you love.

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Hua said...


I visited Spokane a couple of years back, and loved the nature. Sorry to hear about your grandpa:(