Friday, August 21, 2009

A skill you don't want

I had one too many invitations for activities yesterday and Bill said to me, "There you go, getting involved with things you shouldn't be getting involved with. That is a skill that you have that you don't want." I admit that I do get involved in situations I shouldn't get involved with. People I shouldn't be involved with. And it seems I can't help myself.

I invest myself in things and it doesn't always pan out for me and that is the risk you take when you let people into your life. Then there's the situation where I've barely invested anything at all, and I get something wonderful back.

This morning I went to my regular coffee place and one of the women who works there rushed to the door to open it for me and said, "Good morning Miss America! You always look so good, it's like you never wear the same outfit twice." I told her it just seemed that way since my belly is growing so much, it makes the clothes look different. Then the staff started singing "There she is, Miss America..."

What a great start to the day, you can see why I get coffee there regularly. Actually, these ladies have known me since before I was married so they have watched my life unfold from afar and they are excited for me. They want to give me advice and hear all about how I'm doing.

I love this part of my day. How wonderful to have casual acquaintances care about you and your well being. Which is why it isn't so bad to have the skill of getting involved with people and situations you maybe shouldn't be involved with. Sometimes the universe pays you back in unexpected ways.

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D said...

I can not tell you how much this is ringing true to me right this second. A conversation I'm in the middle of RIGHT NOW! Urgh.

No one's singing Miss America (of course, that really wouldn't make sense for me, would it? hehe), but my Starbucks girls are always awesome in the morning :)