Tuesday, August 04, 2009

How can I complain when everyone is SO NICE?

My sisters-in-law have been so good to us, I can't even begin to thank them for all the support and gifts they've given me. Bill is the youngest of 4 boys so I have 3 sisters to help me with this coming baby. We've gotten so many hand-me-downs and gifts, I don't know if I have space for everything!

One of the best perks of pregnancy is everyone is so nice to pregnant women. Cars stop to let me cross the road, complete strangers ask about me and tell me about their kids and grand kids (I love connecting with people like this) and basically everywhere I go I am warmly greeted and doted upon. Who would complain under these circumstances...?

ME! That's who! First, let me say that I am SO grateful to be pregnant. I woke up crying on Sunday, thinking about how lucky we are to have this baby on the way. We started birthing class last night (we were the oldest people there btw BUT I did not have the biggest tummy--yes!) and it felt so good to be taking that step, we're 11 weeks away now from meeting our "Little Dude" and I start to cry just thinking about holding this baby for the first time. I'm already completely overwhelmed with emotion and love and can't wait for our lives to change with the arrival of this baby.

But friends, pregnancy is not for me. People ask me, "What do I miss?" Beer? Coffee? Sleep? Nope. What I miss is being myself. I miss walking a brisk pace to my swimming class, jumping into the pool and then being able to complete a flip turn when I get to the end of the lane. I miss eating food without wondering if I will get nauseated just by looking at it. I miss being emotionally stable (ok, more emotionally stable than this state I'm in now). I miss not feeling like a bloated swine all the time. I miss not feeling constant acid reflux in my throat. I miss having my dog jump on my lap and give me hugs and kisses. I miss not straining round ligaments every time I roll over in bed. I miss sleeping on my back. I miss bending over. I miss seeing what's below my belly. I miss bike rides on a hot day. I miss running. I miss holding my husband at night when we go to bed. I miss a hundred little things that bring joy to my life every day but I can't do now that I'm pregnant.

So when this baby gets here, I will be celebrating for so many reasons! I CAN'T WAIT! Bring on the contractions!!! :)

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Maggs said...

I hope you remember that you couldn't wait for the contractions :-) I mean, I've never had them, but I've heard people scream.