Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Constipation and anemia resolved

We're surrounded by blueberry farms in Corvallis

For the 3 people reading this blog, I don't think any of you are pregnant like I am so I won't dispense a bunch of pregnancy advice but... I do have some advice if you ever suffer from constipation and/or anemia. For constipation I have found taking a stool softener once daily has helped tremendously. You don't have to get anything fancy, I asked the pharmacist at the grocery store to recommend one and they had a bottle of 60 pills for ~$4. It's called docusate sodium and I haven't noticed any side effects from taking it over the past several months and it works!

The tomatoes are finally ripening

Anemia was tougher. The best thing I've found so far is "Ferro Sequels" which is a slow release iron supplement that contains docusate sodium. The pharmacy had to order it for me but it doesn't require a prescription. It's $9.64 for 30 tablets and I've been taking one daily and I've been feeling less lethargic recently despite being hugely pregnant.

I planted baby's breath and of course it's going wild.
Anyone want to do some flower arranging?

The nurse midwife also recommended I take a calcium and magnesium supplement since I was having leg twitches at night and I think I will continue to take this after pregnancy since I'll be getting back into heavy exercise again. Bill calls all of this stuff my "geriatric meds" and laughs about all the supplements I take now. It used to be I wouldn't even take a multivitamin. Aging! And pregnancy. 7 more weeks...!

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erichollins said...

On my Facebook friend list, I have a friend named Michelle Armitage Garel. She's a fellow preggers triathlete, but I think she's a few weeks ahead of you. You may want to get in contact with her and share some stories.