Thursday, August 06, 2009

Ask and you shall not receive

Heeeyyyy... How you doing?
I know! I'm bigger and perhaps even whiter!

Here come closer and get a better look.
Do you like the "Will Run for Beer" visor?

Yes! There is the money shot. The lines on my tummy are new by the way,
I have one going down and one going up.

If you get any closer you'll meet Little Dude personally.

So yes, I continue to expand at the waist. I can't believe I am THIS BIG and I have 10 more weeks to go. I don't go around without clothes on, just so you know, we were at dog beach and no one else was there so I took my top off for a photo shoot.

Marshall watching Bill swim away

Bill missed swim class so we went to the river and he swam in the endless pool that is the river. I encouraged him to do two six minute intervals and he dipped his toe in the water and complained "It's cold!"

Our weather has gone back to normal, it was probably 78 degrees at the time, but who knows how cold the river was. I said, "The water temperature is the same as when it was hot here last week. The sooner you start swimming the warmer you'll be!" He slowly waded in and said, "But..." and I yelled "No one said Ironman training was easy. Start swimming!"

(Seinfield reference)

I'm not much of a hand holder, in many areas of my life. Don't get me wrong, I'm a loving person, but I learned from watching my mom always say yes that sometimes you need to say NO.

See, he lived. And he didn't need his hand held.

Today, someone tried to get me to move their telephone. It's actually against policy to move a phone, a telecommunications person has to do it. I told the person this and then I contacted Telcomm and asked for an estimated move date. They said 2 weeks and the person complained and told me it would take less than 15 minutes to do it and asked me AGAIN to move their phone for them, this time via email. I might move their phone to the roof for them, it's supposed to rain tomorrow.

Smart people. I tell you. I work on a college campus and it happens all the time that smart people think that all they need to do is ask the right person and they will get what they want. Sometimes that approach works, but is it the right way to handle things? No. Just because you are smart enough to ask for something, doesn't it make it right to do so. So there.

(Do you think motherhood will change me?)



What, that TV right there? I can move that.




Motherhood will change you, or you are not HUMAN.

Such fun. Good luck.

Maijaleena said...

I'm sure motherhood will change you some as it probably does every woman.

I love the shots of Marshall watching Bill swim :)

And the will run for beer visor with the pregnant belly, well since you are cute, you can get away with it, if you looked white trashy, you might have a problem.