Friday, August 28, 2009

Another Ironman experience

Anytime I head toward the door at home, I have an audience watching my every move. Either the cats, or the dog, or both, rush to the door and apparently it is crucial to be the first one in or the first one out. They stick their noses as close as they can to the crack in the door and shove their way through as soon as the crack widens. This is done with a high level of anxiety and energy, even though the results are often predictable. The dog either stays or goes and the cats do whatever cats do, which appears to be lounging on the front porch watching the day pass.

This amuses me to no end. The life of a domesticated animal. Silly and monotonous but they live life with gusto even though it doesn't always make sense.

Some friends are doing Ironman Canada this weekend and even though most of them have done the event before, every Ironman experience is different. It's a long, hard day, that tests you in many unexpected ways. It's silly to attempt the distances, and monotonus to keep your legs pumping and your mind focused over the hours. It reminds me of the animals queing up at the door, hoping that something exciting and wonderful is about to happen.

Now that we have a baby on the way soon, I have a new perspective on the Ironman experience. As I look back on my life, and the important days and moments, my first Ironman experience still stands as one of the memorable days of my life. I recall almost everything about the day, how I felt when I woke up, when I had a bowel movement, how I had to find a place to pee once I got to the race (I hid behind a wall and went au natural because the lines for the bathroom were epic) and who was standing next to me as we waited for the starting gun. I remember how I felt throughout the entire day, how my mom looked exhausted from spectating, and the amazing energy and excitment I felt as I crossed the finish line. I remember Bill had to help me out of bed the next day, I've never been so sore and tired in my life.

I hope those memories stay with me for the rest of my life. Good wishes to my friends for a memorable day this Sunday. As you nudge your way through the door, I hope you are greeted with a glorious and wonderful experience unlike any other.

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QRgirl (erin) said...

What's with the toilet talk sista?
PS if you ever need a home for Miss Cassie, send her to me. She is the prettiest cat.