Sunday, August 30, 2009

24 hours in the life of a pregnant woman

Little dude's room...
the first thing we bought was art to hang on the walls.
That was 3 years ago.

Most days I wake up to the sensation of kitty cat Cassie walking up body, she pauses to rest on my pregnant tummy and purrs until I wake up. It's so sweet, but it doesn't take away the exhaustion I feel most mornings when I wake up. I can still get out the door and to work quickly, I don't mess around too much with hair and make-up although I do make an effort with clothes. I think a well dressed pregnant woman can still be attractive and people appreciate the effort.

Everything here is hand-me-down from my sisters-in-law except the rocker which was probably the 2nd thing we purchased.

One of the most important parts of my workday is noon, when I can go swim. A woman dropped in on our class and swam in my lane. She asked me,"When are you due?" to which I said, "Oct 14th". She stopped and said, "That's still a long time from now." Mustering grace I say, "Not really, it's 7 weeks away." Wasted grace, she says "Those will be the longest 7 weeks of your life." Nice! Thanks a lot lady.

Not a ton of space in the room but we're fitting most of what we need in here.

Our summer swim coach turned a 400 IM into a relay and I had to join a team or someone would have to swim twice. So I swam the anchor, probably around 1:50 for 100 free. I didn't push the pace (obviously) so I lost by more than a length which gave everyone extra time to cheer for me.

We're keeping a queen size bed in the baby's room for now.
The baby is not sleeping in our room so we'll take turns sleeping
in the baby's room until he sleeps through most of the night.
That's the plan anyway.

After work I met Sunny for dinner and a dog walk. Bill has been out of town on business and is training with his buddy Fri-Sat in Denver for Ironman Cozumel. It was all I could do to stay awake until 9pm. Saturday started off nicely, coffee (decaf) at Starbucks with Sunny then I returned home for a nap while she took the dog for a run.

How many PJs does a baby need?
Seriously, I'm not sure how many...

I spent the rest of the day shopping by myself at the local baby stores for the first time. One of the shop girls offered to fit me for a maternity bra which I knew I needed. She measured around my chest and declared,"You are measuring as a double D." HA HA HA HAHA! She must have been trying to sell me a bra! Precious woman. I left with 2 B-Cs. No double Ds. Great sales tactic though.

I was so tired from being on my feet all day (back pain and pelvic pressure that wouldn't go away). It was all I could do to cook dinner so I made fish sticks (ewww). I'm not able to eat as much as the baby grows to fill every crevice in my mid section. Don't worry! I'm making up the calories in ice cream each night. I decided to drag myself over to our community pool for some floating. Thankfully, no one was there so I propped myself up on two floaty noodles and floated by myself, watching the clouds roll by as the sun set. It was about 8 pm by then and Bill was due home from the airport soon so I did my best to stay awake to greet him.

7 more weeks and life will change for us. I'm curious about what type of child birth experience we will have and how we will navigate the first few months. I smile whenever I think of it. It's going to be amazing.

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marg1515 said...

Looks like the only thing you'll be needing is diapers! Nice to have family with older kiddies. Glyn and I are the 1st so we had to buy sooooo much stuff! I have to agree with your lane mate...the last few weeks drag on and on and on...everyone said the same thing to me and I didn't believe it but now I do:)!