Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's hot as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore

It's been around 105 degrees here in lovely Corvallis the past 2 days. I bet you're thinking, "Hmm, that sounds hot." Well you would be right! Most Oregonians do not have A/C because generally our summer temperatures are a perfect 85 degrees during the day cooling to 60 at night. Perfect living. But when it gets hot here, you are basically SOL.

Example: the locker rooms at the gym don't have A/C so if you go in to change your clothes you will break out into a sweat before you get your pants down.

The only time I've been happy in the past 48 hours has been when I was sitting in the Willamette River. I literally sat and soaked my entire body in the river for up to an hour each night while Marshall and Bill swam. My body is retaining so much water right now that my workout bag left an imprint on my shoulder for over 3 hours yesterday. I feel like a ham that's been injected with water.

It's 95 degrees today and things are going much better for everyone. Bill installed a window A/C unit downstairs and we've been worshiping it ever since. Time to go worship it right now, it's still too hot to blog.


Maijaleena said...

Haha! Yeah, no one has air there because it is not supposed to be that hot! Enjoy the new air conditioner!

D said...

"I feel like a ham...". Awesome.