Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Don't, don't you want me?

Don't get any wise ideas single men! I had to take off my wedding ring this afternoon because my fingers are swollen. Apparently, all of the water that should be in my intestinal tract is instead re-routed throughout my body causing sausage fingers and swollen feet. Too Much Information? :)

Yesterday was the last day for cute strappy sandals. I told Sunny that Bill had to put my shoes on for me that morning and I asked him not to buckle them since I wouldn't be able to get them off. She said maybe I should try Birkenstocks. Skinny b..... it's ok though, we were in the locker room after swimming and I was naked. She can keep that image in her mind for a while. Hugs and kisses!

Who are these women who LOVE to be pregnant? I finally get it now, when inactive people tell me they hate exercise and don't understand people who like to workout. Yes, because now I understand that there are women who love to be pregnant and I don't love it at all. Perhaps those women should carry our children and the rest of us can keep working out?

There's another reason to be excited about my life today! I got to order a size 40 swimsuit. My non-pregnant size is 32 and the size 40 will only fit because there is no backside to this suit. I figured out that the way to find a swimsuit for preggers is to find one that either doesn't have a back or doesn't have a front. People can see my back rather than stare at my belly button which looks like it's about to explode. Of course, this one will be touch and go as far as coverage of my bum. At least I'm not doing flip-turns anymore!


Robyn said...

I TOTALLY agree! I am not one of those people who is loving pregnancy. I'm excited beyond belief but not loving this physical state.

We are using a midwife who will deliver at our hospital too. I really like her and she is great with helping/advice on natural childbirth. I plan to go that route too, but obviously the health of the baby is most important.

Looking forward to seeing you and catching up! I think I could play music with my belly button if I put string across it! :)

beth said...

A tip on the swimsuit - EQ makes a maternity lap swimming suit! I don't know of any other brand that currently does so I was really glad to find this one (at swimoutlet, I think).

No affiliation, just glad to have something to wear in the pool :)