Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cheap thrills

My mom bought us one of these reusable bags and you need to know that they kick butt! If you have a Fred Meyers store in your area, go pick one up ASAP, they are on sale for $4 each. The walls stand up firmly so it's easier to load them then the soft bags and you can easily clean them by wiping them with a wet cloth. There are 3 pockets on the inside that are large enough to hold a bottle of wine each (bonus). These suckers are filled with over 40 pounds of stuff from Costco and they were easy to handle and nicer than a cardboard box.

I was thinking about spending some bucks ($60) at REI for these organizers for camping since we are always a mess in the car. Not anymore! These cheap bags will do the trick, I just need to go buy more. MORE!

Do you think Bill will carry around the cheetah print bag?

The roses are for my OB/GYN who we see will see one last time tomorrow. I wanted to do something nice for her, she was there for me when we struggled with infertility and was a source of strength for both of us during those long 2 years. We'll miss her. Maybe I should buy her one of these awesome bags too!

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The Original SunnyD said...

Did you see any in pink? LOL