Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Central CA coast

The end is near... from the pile of hand-me-downs
some sun shades to protect the dog from the sun

We were sad to leave family behind in Arizona, I like to reflect on life and priorities when I travel and it's always good to hear the family perspective on life. Two of my sisters-in-law gave me a bunch of hand me downs for the baby! I have three large bags of infant clothes and toys and some new stuff too including our first baby shower gifts. Our car was completely crammed to the roof with stuff when we left.

Pismo Beach, CA

But it was hot in Phoenix and time to go to the California coast and cool off. We drove straight west to CA, it was 116 degrees in Palm Springs so no time to stop, we kept rolling until we made it to Pismo Beach CA where it was 70 degrees. What a cute little place!

Heading down to Sand Dollar Beach

Unfortunately, the rest of the CA coast until you hit Carmel is dry and a little boring. Hwy 1 is super windy and tough to drive. We were dodging speeding motorcyclists the entire way which added to the excitement. We briefly stopped at the Hearst Castle, but couldn't take the tour since the dog was with us.


Some surfers enjoying the waves in Carmel, a swanky town just south of Monterrey. You know it's swank when there is a Coach handbag store next to the beach. I loved Carmel!

Pregnant by the Sea

Check out the volleyball in my stomach! I took my shirt off for this photo, don't worry, I wasn't walking around with my shirt off! Carmel is so swanky, I thought I was make a scene with my belly pose. Bill notice one woman gaping at me, mouth open and staring. Sweet!!

Marshall romping with a Great Dane at the beach

Marshall stayed close to us at the beach when this big guy came over to play. It was adorable! Check out the short video below. We ended our time at the coast with an ice cream cone in Monterrey. We had a great day and it was a nice way to wrap up our trip.



QRgirl (erin) said...

You look FANTASTIC!!! It sounds like you guys are having a fun trip. Safe travels the rest of the way home.

Maijaleena said...

Pismo Beach! I spent a summer in SLO when I was in college, used to ride my bike out to Pismo Beach. So nice there! Enjoy the rest of the trip! Love the doggie photos as usual.