Thursday, July 02, 2009

Boise ID to Park City UT

Boise ID foothills

We woke up Sunday morning in a cheap motel in Boise, ID. It was 9:00 am and the temperatures were already heading toward 90 degrees outside. Yuck. It could have been worse, at least we weren't hungover. We set out on a mission to find outdoor seating at a restaurant that served breakfast because it was too hot in the car for the dog.

Park in downtown Boise

Since we had no idea where we were, it was a slightly ambitious goal, but we headed downtown and were able to find a cute place with great service. Everyone we spoke with in Boise was friendly and outgoing which made the experience that much nicer. The same could not be said of the people in Provo. That place was strange.

Ski jumps at Park City

Anyway, we drove around Boise for a while to see what it was about, hit a local park to run the dog and then we were out of there. The best thing we discovered about Boise is it's people and the variety of cool shops downtown. When you come from Oregon, land of a million shades of green, it's a lot harder to be impressed by a landscape.

Downtown Park City: do you have a million dollars
to go the private brew pub?

The drive to Park City was awesome! The speed limit was 75 instead of the 55. Zoom! Park City was home to the winter Olympics and it looks exactly how you would expect. Trendy, fancy, yuppie, and all the other shi-shi words that end in a "y" sound. I look at it as a place I cannot afford to play but nice to look at just the same. Sometimes it's hard to shake growing up poor. Hey, I'm still poor when it comes to the Park City lifestyle, let's not kid ourselves here.

The foothills outside of Heber UT

Bill's aunt and uncle reside in Park City so we spent the evening with them and the cousins. We watched a wedding video and travel videos and heard about our cousin's husband losing 40 pounds by starting running. Family is good to be with. The only problem was Park City has a high elevation and I was breathing heavy just moving around.

Yuma Lake: a little too pretty for wading cows

We drove south through Utah (speed limit 80!) and stopped at Yuma Lake for a picnic lunch. The lake was gorgeous and I was contemplating a swim until I heard a "Mooooo!" from across the lake and saw cattle bathing in the lake. Yuck. Marshall dog went for a dip and then we are off again. I enjoy traveling with a dog, even though it's a pain in the butt. You have stop and enjoy the view more and watching a dog romp in a lake brings a pleasure all it's own.

You gotta have Wonder Bread at a lakeside picnic

We made it to Bryce Canyon National Park and I was stunned STUNNED by the beauty. Unfortunately the elevation was so high that once again I was breathing heavy and started to feel sick. We stayed long enough to take some photos and then we had to leave. We will go back when I'm not pregnant so we can hike there. Gorgeous! Photos on next post.

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