Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Strawberries for idiots and steroid use

Last year a woman in my swimming class gave me a few strawberry plants that I planted but they didn't produce many berries. So I thought I would just plant more this year and when I saw a flat of strawberry plants at Costco I thought well here's your answer! They were $12 so I figured there were 12 plants and I would kill half of them just in getting them planted. Uh oops! I didn't kill any of them and there were 18 plants in the flat! We have over 20 strawberry plants in our small yard. Berries anyone?

Side note: this baby is kicking the heck out of me today. He must have had a word with his dad about my evening plans and decided to put the boots to me all day. It's girl's night out for dinner tonight, I had lunch with the office ladies at noon, and coffee with a girlfriend today so the men in my world might feel neglected. Bill tried to pout before I left this morning but then remembered he's spending 11 days on the road with me and decided a break might be nice. Anyhoooo! More before and after gardening photos:

Overgrown and half dead.

Many hours later this climbing monster is more manageable.
If it could talk it would say, "I'll be back!"

Starting to plant strawberries under this tree in any crevice available

Plants in Oregon are seriously on steroids.
Idiots should move here to garden.

Someone should cut these and put them in a vase.

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