Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Stoned kitty cats

Turn off your brain, I'm posting about my cats again... I'm starting a small herb garden this year and picked up some cat nip for our lazy cats.

Cassie sampled the herb and then decided to chill out before round 2.

Paranoia sets in after she partakes of the nip.

Exhausted from her paranoid episode, she rests in the cool grass and contemplates life's mysteries.

Meanwhile, Bree Bree smells something good and it isn't the cilantro.

Hey man, keep that other cat away from my nip!

This damn dog is always laying on the good pillow.
Scoot over and cuddle me... I feel good!

Our backyard is turning into a kitty cat frat house on summer break. All the cats do is lay around in the yard and nibble on nip. The dog doesn't get it and wishes they would stop rubbing up on him. Meanwhile, I've got cat hair all over the deck furniture and I'm hiding in doors since it's too hot for the mothership to sit outside. So much for my back yard summer retreat.


D said...

Your fur balls are great! And lucky to have a nice place to hang out outside.

Let me say this: I LOVE this weather, BUT after almost passing out from the heat in a short 40min run (I'm sucking back the Gatorade right now to try and bring me back to life) I could really use for some cooler weather. The sun should stay though.

Deanna said...

I love the second picture of Bree Bree. You can see the attitude.