Friday, June 12, 2009

I'm sorry my Canadian friends

My husband was visiting our northern neighbors this week in Calgary and Edmonton on business which meant I was flying solo with the beasts all week. I was slowly losing my mind talking to the cats and dog but that's a whole other post we can get into later.

I spoke with the hubby Wednesday night before bed and asked him what he had been doing...

"Watching 'So You Think You Can Dance' on TV" he said. (We love that show, the dancers have amazing athletic ability and there's way less corn factor than "Dancing with the Stars" but I'm sure my hubby watches it for the chicks)
I said, "Oh! They have that show in Canada?"
He said "Yeah, except they call it "So You Think You Can Dance, Eh Hoser?"

Poor Canadians, one silly movie gets made poking fun at them and the Americans just won't let it go.

I've been trying to live vicariously through my husband's athletic endeavors while I'm pregnant, the problem being that he doesn't often endeavor with athletics these days now that's he's traveling. He had some time before his flight on Thursday so he called and said he was going for a run on the waterfront. That sounded so nice to me, and exactly what I would do if I had some time in a new city and I wasn't a pregnant mothership...

After he landed he called me to let me know he arrived and I said, "How was your run?"
"Well, my legs were pretty heavy from my last workout so I ran for 12 minutes and then I laid on a park bench for a little while. I slept there for about half an hour before I got up and ran again for another 20 minutes."

Even though I'm frustrated with his lack of interest in exercise, I think that's pretty funny. I'm surprised some Canadian didn't come up on him hogging the bench and say, "Take off eh hoser!"

We will be at the Blue Lake triathlon Saturday and Sunday this weekend, I will try to blog from our hotel if I'm not sleeping. I will miss the beasts this weekend, they are the only "people" that talked to me this week. They have a great house sitter though, hopefully they'll talk to her too.

Love you Canadians!


D said...

Did you really ask if we have that show here? We're Canada, not Native Australians living in the bush. Sheesh :P That is my FAVORITE show. Of course, anyone that has ever danced in their life will say that.

Bob & Doug are the best, by the way. New cartoon coming out of them! :D

Maijaleena said...

I love so you think you can dance!!!!!

I talk to my dogs a lot. Glad I'm not the only one ;)