Friday, June 05, 2009

Help me!

It seems like everything I do is more difficult now that I'm pregnant. We have some big races coming up and it's time to screen print some t-shirts and get new designs ready. I tried to clean my screens (remove emulsion and ink from last print) and ended up covered in sweat and exhausted after 20 minutes. "Bill! Can you help me?"

I ordered some new inks and supplies for printing and needed to mix some activator into the emulsion but it's really hard to get the lid off new containers and I thought I should avoid the chemical smell... "Bill?" The dude works from home so it's fairly convenient for me to drive him crazy whenever I'm around.

I print with water-based inks which is more difficult to print but better for the environment. I probably still shouldn't breath in the ink smell (you heat the ink after you print which causes the water to evaporate and smells) while printing so guess who's helping me this weekend?

If you think I'm getting off easy, don't worry! I can still iron and I will need to iron around 100 t-shirts this weekend and when Bill is done printing, I will get to label and price each one and then either fold for storage or hang in my traveling inventory.

I think I'll take some photos of the process this weekend so you can check it out. It's easy and complicated but I love the freedom that comes from handling the printing myself and I guess I actually like doing the work more than I like writing a check for someone else to do it. What does that say about me?


Amanda Whitmire said...

Looking forward to seeing the new designs!

Ariel said...

I can totally relate. I love the process of making things; that's probably why I studied printmaking and photography in college (but didn't care much for drawing). The process is very satisfying!